About Mindy Garcia

Saskatoon Counselling Mindy 2 •    Encouraged by the success of my own experience with an amazing counsellor, I enrolled in a certified counselling program and continue to upgrade and update myself.  I answered the calling to counselling later in life after a great deal of consideration.

•    I am a graduate from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon with a Bachelor of Arts. Specializing in Psychology, Languages and Native Studies.
•    I have had the opportunity to live in various cities throughout Western Canada. 

•    I have travelled throughout the world in various countries and had the occasion to experience many diverse socioeconomic cultures.

•    I am fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and French. This aids in minimizing communication barriers and puts people more at ease.  Having an understanding of languages and cultures allows me to better understanding the people I meet. I believe this can be a great help and comfort to clients.  

•    I believe in individualized counselling - personalized for each person. I do not offer cookie cutter counselling.  Each session and the pace that we go at, is designed specifically to each person and their particular needs or issues.

•    I am a researcher and a facilitator.  I offer information for people and if their needs are greater and beyond my specialized ability, I can direct them to other professionals who can help. I can always offer them different avenues; point them in the right direction.

•    I let people know what the steps are and help facilitate with each phase of the healing process as necessary.

•    I believe that healing starts with the initial call or contact.  From there anything is possible.
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Mindy Garcia
Confidential Counsellor
phone: (306) 715-4667
email: nineislands@shaw.ca

#702 730 Spadina Cres. East
Saskatoon, S7K 4H7 saskatoon counsellor

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