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In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there you will find a group of nine islands beautiful in nature and perfect in creation, each one unique from the other, but no less as powerful in its healing powers.  Throughout time these islands provided a safe haven to many explorers and continue to do so. 

To me they represent a place of solitude, safety, calmness, beauty, a perfect setting allowing one to explore one’s inner thoughts, to relax and find the answers they need to heal. 

These same qualities of serenity, calmness, and safety are reflected in my surroundings at home, not a sterile environment but a relaxing, inviting place where we can work together to solve problems. 

To invoke this sense of calm and ease it starts at the inception of the name, to the moment I speak with a client, I would like them to feel comfortable and that I am putting their needs or problems as my first priority.  Over the years, I have been fortunate enough that the people of Saskatoon have repeatedly chosen Nine Islands for their personal counselling needs.

It's not just anyone who can provide this counselling service, as you can see it takes someone that has dedicated time to educate themselves. Someone who truly believes that they will help people through their gift as a counsellor and that it is therapeutic; it is healing.

- Mindy Garcia, B.A. Saskatoon Counselling Mindy 1


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Mindy Garcia
Confidential Counsellor
phone: (306) 715-4667
email: nineislands@shaw.ca

#702 730 Spadina Cres. East
Saskatoon, S7K 4H7 saskatoon counsellor

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